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My subject matter is landscape and the interaction of people and objects within it. Throughout the history of my practice I have explored a range of figurative styles and approaches. I draw a lot of my ideas from historical painting mixed in with my own experiences, adding specific personal thoughts and myths to an image. I like my paintings to work not as individuals, but as a collection of different scenes and events that work together to communicate my thoughts on different subject matter, even when paintings appear to be a thematic series.

Much of my work is intended to be allegorical, as I create characters and imagined landscapes that interact with each other, expressing an alternate narrative disguised within a set of imagined rules and aesthetic judgments. Not all of my details are intended as I invite subconscious imagery to make its way into paintings and often question myself as to how it got there. I use minimal physical objects or spaces to create paintings but appropriate reproductions of historic painting and images offered by film and literature. Decisions are partly subconsciously made and I allow this to become part of the process, developing mistakes and allowing new ideas to present themselves as a result of this.

My studio practice consists of traditional media and varying approaches to using it. I try to be adventurous in my methods and pursue certain technical working strategies for varying lengths of time. I have become interested in the materiality of paint through my application to the surface and its fluidity, experimenting with various textures, layers and glazes, continually developing my practice and approach to image making.

The traditional methods I employ and aesthetic appearance of my work is a response to the art I love and hate. I am constantly trying to make my work as honest and communicative as possible and in the future I want to make sure it is about an experience, social narrative or facet of behaviour. The politics of painting, both in the  art market and in social sense of being a painter interest me.

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Stay Connected Virtual Exhibition, Online exhibition
Pop Up Painting Mid-Winter Exhibition,
Online exhibition
The Mask and Me, Online exhibition
New Emergence Art Prize
, Runner Up, New Emergence Art

The New Emergence Art Unity Award, Runner Up, New Emergence Art
The Bowery, Uncanny Characters,
Headingley, Leeds
Aire Place Studios, Touring Postcard Exhibition, Leeds
Leeds Arts University, MA Final Show, Leeds

Hyde Park Book Club, Andrew Sales: Scrutinise, Headingley, Leeds
Left Bank Leeds, All The World is A Stage, Leeds
New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, LSA Annual Exhibition 2019, Leicester

Kirkstall Art Trail, St Peter's Church, Headingly
New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, LSA Annual Exhibition 2017, Leicester

West End Gallery, Spring Exhibition, Leicester
Tate Modern, Turbine Hall, What is the Future of Digital Art? , London, 25-27 June 2016
New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, LSA Annual Exhibition 2016, Leicester

Brick Lane, Loughborough Free Range Exhibitors, London
Loughborough University Fine Art Gallery, Loughborough Portrait Exhibition, Loughborough, Leics
Loughborough University, Loughborough Fine Art Degree Show 2015, Loughborough, Leics
New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, LSA Annual Exhibition 2016,  Leicester (LSA Student Award 2015 runner-up)