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My paintings explore aspects of landscape predominantly, moving from pure watercolour to working in gouache over the past five years. I've been developing a personal gouache technique working with a high proportion of body colour, and by mixing in pure watercolour, look to achieve specific tones colours and textures to evoke the subject. I'm now painting in a more speculative style, moving developmentally to create more in the impressionist abstract and mood such as in 'Hadrian's Wall'. Over the years, I continue to exhibit in the UK and have works in collections both here, in Europe and in America.

I established and currently manage the Little Gallery showcase exhibitions at Leicester's Little Theatre and continue organising major exhibitions for societies as I have done in the past. I've given demonstrations of and run workshops in my gouache technique both privately and for art societies in the city and county. My alternative work in the arts has been as Stage Designer for Coventry's Little Theatre, The Criterion, over the past five decades - but lessening now as time catches up!