LSA Membership Secretary

Title:                     Membership Secretary

Status:                 LSA Officer

Tenure:                Subject to annual re-election     

Honoraria:           £ 300 per year

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The Membership Secretary works closely with the Council Secretary, sending information to Members about events and opportunities, and responds to public enquiries about the society.

Contacting LSA Members and record keeping

·        Maintains and updates the members Address Book and keeps a record of GDPR permissions

·        Sends information to members provided by the LSA Chair and other Officers

·        Sends key information to members occasionally (around 20 members without email)

·        Passes information about resignations, subscriptions, and change of circumstances to the LSA Chair and Officers

·        Sends the membership fee request to members with the Treasurer

·        Attends council meetings, approximately every 6 weeks

·        Liaises with family members about In Memoriam works

Contacting people outside the LSA

·        Holds the email address

·        Responds to public enquiries about the society

·        Passes information to members if relevant

·        Sends specific invitations to people occasionally at the council’s request


Applications for LSA Membership


·        Keeps a list of applicants, which is automatically provided via the website application form

·        Emails information to the applicants and answers enquiries

·        Books the venue (Attenborough Arts Centre) and organises the Applications Day and the council vote

·        Emails the result after the council vote

·        Emails new members LSA rules, privacy policy and GDPR consent.

Skills needed - Basic computer skills and email are necessary.  Information about how to use Mailchimp to send messages to members can be provided.

What is not required - Graphic design, website, social media or accounting skills are not needed

Information - November 2021

Contact - If you are interested in this role, or just need more information please contact the LSA Chair, David Clarke -