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Artist Statement

Reflecting upon his past experiences with altered states of consciousness and lucid dreaming is what largely inspires Brookfield to create his whimsical and otherworldly paintings. His work focuses on a fascination for creating worlds and what he regards as respites for the imagination, often finding them situated within the canons of visionary art, surrealist and fantastic realism movements. Combining traditional and more expressive painting techniques, Brookfield’s paintings have an almost dimensional quality in areas, that are vibrant and all-encompassing, which work to create a sensation of looking within.


Jarvis Brookfield is an artist born in 1992, Croydon, England. He received a BFA from De Montfort University (DMU). His work has been featured on Creativeboom, the cover of Artit magazine, and Creative Debuts Instagram page, and he is currently pursuing a life of artmaking in Leicester, England.

Instagram  @ jarvisbrookfieldart