Photograph of Hannah Tounsend

Hannah Tounsend, Photo: Indigo Blue Media

LSA Student Award 2015 Winner
Hannah Tounsend, De Montfort University

LSA Student Award 2015 Runners Up
Huw Janes, Loughborough University
Andrew Sales, Loughborough University

Hannah Tounsend
Fine Art by Independent Study, MA, De Montfort University

Hannah Tounsend is the winner of the LSA Student Award 2015 receiving £300 from sponsors West End Gallery. Her winning works Traversing the Line, print vessel and monoprint, are on display in LSA Annual Exhibition (6 November 2015 - 9 January 2016) at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery.

Hannah Tounsend winning work:

 “This collection explores the layered landscapes and sea-washed, weatherworn surfaces of the British coastline," says Hannah Tounsend. "Marks, lines and diffuse merging colours are built up, cut through and dissolved away. The repeatedly worked surfaces of clay and print are under constant revision, referencing the endless remaking of the shore.”

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Andrew Sales:  L, Bubble

Fine Art BA, Loughborough University

L, Bubble by Andrew Sales

Andrew Sales, L, Bubble

"This painting investigates some broader issues concerning the university campus of Loughborough. The campus is expressed as a form of insular bubble, separated and isolated from the outside area, but sublime almost to the point of being overwhelming. Compositionally, L, Bubble is based on old maps; such as The Fra Mauro map. The surface and brushwork of the painting are influenced by Vincent Van Gogh, but also by contemporary painters; Nigel Cook and Ged Quinn who invent symbolic, universal mythologies within their image’s. This is realised in L, Bubble with the symbols in the painting being aimed at certain aspects of Loughborough student life."

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Huw Janes
Fine Art BA, Loughborough University

Painting by Huw Janes

Huw Janes, The Blessing Song, 2014, Oil on canvas, 105 x 85 cm. Painting derived from the Michael White composition of the same name, from the album ‘Pneuma’, 1972.

“I design geometric colour compositions which respond to specific pieces of music. each painting is a distinct ‘performance’ of its aural counterpart - this performance then becomes part of an on-going dialogue between previous versions of the same composition, as well as with paintings of entirely different compositions. Simultaneous contrast, tonal and rhythmic intervals are vital to my designs, as are assimilation, successive contrast, gradation, repetition, inversion and counterpoint.”

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The LSA Student Award 2015 is in its first year and was set up to offer opportunities for students living or working at colleges or universities in Leicestershire.  It is sponsored by West End Gallery, who provided the prizes, framed the winning work, and will be showing work by Hannah Tounsend, Huw Janes and Andrew Sales in the gallery in 2016.

The prize-winning works are on show in LSA Annual Exhibition 2015 (6 November - 9 January 2016) at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery.

Leicester Society of Artists would like to thank West End Gallery for sponsoring the LSA Student Award 2015, and Creative Leicestershire for their help and advice.