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LSA Annual Exhibition 2022

Newarke Houses Museum  (4 November - 18 December 2022)


Newzarke Houses Museum, Leicester

July 2022 | Call For Entries

The annual call for entries and Entry Form will be issued by 31July 2022

Save the Dates

Entries close - 17.00 Friday 30th September
Delivery of work - 10.00 - 12.00 Monday 31st October
Exhibition Preview and Awards - 18.30 - 20.00 Thursday 3rd November
Collection of Unsold work - 10.30 - 12.30 Monday 19th December


Size constraints at Newarke Houses Museum are eased this year and you will be invited to submit

ONE LARGE 2D WORK - longest length (including frame) - 1000mm
TWO SMALL 2D WORKS - longest length of each works (including frame) - 500 mm
TWO 3D WORKS - each 450mm x 450 mm x H: 450mm maximum

Please contact the LSA Exhibitions Officer Lis Naylor as soon as possible if your work is over any of these dimensions and before 30 September

"I am delighted and excited to be your Exhibitions Officer, having completed my MA in Fine Art at DMU in 2022 where I experienced several exhibition styles and themes which challenged my thinking, amused me and sometimes left me completely confused!

 I hope to support LSA with a broad range of options over the next few years which will keep us in touch with contemporary art practice whilst sensitively considering more traditional methods of display.”

Lis Naylor, Exhibitions Officer

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