Graeme Hawes glass

Glasshouse Heritage Centre
The Glasshouse
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Open: Wednesday - Friday 10am to 4pm
Saturday 26 June 10am to 4pm

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This solo Graeme Hawes exhibition celebrates traditional glass making with a contemporary art twist. There are over 20 new art works in the exhibition, impressive in scale and skill.

"I’ve taken a conceptual approach using irregular form and colour mixed with long-established cutting methods to make contemporary work that embodies the heritage of glass making," says Graeme. "The pieces have strong visual impact as well as layered concepts, that encapsulate the history of the English glass industry and how its impact is still relevant today."

Graeme Hawes - glass for Modern Traditions exhibition

Graeme's practice combines traditional handmade techniques with contemporary themes and approaches.

Supported by Arts Council England, and working with Glass blower James Devereux, Graeme has created much larger pieces. Alongside Richard Lambing and his staff at Redhouse Glass Crafts, Graeme was assisted by Nick Gritton, who was able to share his extensive expertise in glass cutting techniques and patterns. 

Graeme Hawes - glass created for Modern Traditions

Graeme Hawes has been a practicing artist for over 30 years receiving his training at the Royal College of Art. He has exhibited extensively across the UK, including shows at Vessel Gallery, Contemporary Applied Arts, Cecilia Colman Gallery, Somerset House, Saatchi Gallery and the Scottish National Gallery.

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