Sarah Kirby open studio linocut

The Coach House
24a Gotham St
Leicester LE2 0NA

Open: 11.30pm - 4.30pm each Saturday in August

It would be lovely to see you at my studio - see the  picture  - it looks just like that...

Lots of ART  to look at (and, of course, buy if you have the inclination)

There will be new pictures, even if you’ve been before 

There will be cards and wrapping paper as well

There will be tea and coffee…and very probably cake too

It's August and a good time to visit new places and pretend you’re on holiday

It would be lovely to meet you …or say  hello again !

The doors will be open, the windows  will be open, the ceilings will be high, the air will be moving and we won’t be shouting or singing … there will be hand sanitiser (and Sarah will sanitise after visits )… we will be as safe as we can…. 

 ….and If you can’t make a Saturday afternoon , or would rather visit when there aren’t other people around - please get in contact with Sarah and  sort a visit on another day ‘by arrangement’