Jane French and Alex Cooper self portraits (detail)

Two Leicester Society of Artists members take part in Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, 2021

Leicester Society of Artists (LSA) members, Alex Cooper and Jane French can be seen in action doing what they do best. Alex, recently elected to the LSA, is in episode 6 on 17 November and Jane in episode 8 which can be viewed on 1 December. The show is on Sky Arts - which is on Freeview Channel 11. It is also streamed on NOW TV.

Alex Cooper, self-portrait

Alex Cooper, Sefl-Portrait

Alex Cooper says, “I love painting portraits and figurative paintings.

I find faces fascinating and I enjoy the challenge of getting a true likeness. Tiny little details, brushstrokes, can change the facial landscape in an instant and the likeness can be lost just like that.

Over the past couple of years I’ve worked mainly from photographs due to the pandemic but I’m just as happy working from a live model if the opportunity arises or a mix of both. Whatever the reference,I find myself drawn to the ordinary, the sad and wistful, a wry smile and perhaps an occasional touch of humour.”

Jane French, Self-Portrait

Jane French, Self Portrait, oil

Jane French says. “I have been working as a full-time artist and tutor for the past 12 years. Prior to that I worked as a Graphic Designer. I studied for a BA degree in Fine Art at Newcastle University and then an MA degree in Design at De Montfort University. My main specialism is portraiture although I do enjoy painting the occasional still life or landscape. I have completed hundreds of commissioned portraits and I use oil paint as my medium. I like to focus on drawing but I really love brushwork and colour! I’m currently working on a series of 100 portraits.

My sitter was the brilliant Ian Hislop, who was as funny and interesting as you might expect. I was pleased with my portrait of him and I think he liked it too!"

A previous LSA success, member Danielle Vaughan also participated in the 2018 show using her torn paper collage technique to produce a portrait of actor Noel Fielding.

All three artists are currently exhibiting their work as part of Leicester Society of Artists Annual Show at Newarke Houses Museum, on from 7 - 31 October - read more

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