Siyuan Ren, (The Peony Girl), Peony Portrait Purple


Siyan Ren | The Peony Girl

Size: 38 cm x 60 cm / 15" x 23" 

Giclee Print

The original painting is one of the series of portraits, alongside Red and Yellow. The series is Siyuan’s take on botanical painting - detailed and accurate, but created in Chinese gongbi style, with an added layer of aesthetics, artistic creativity and freedom. It was painted using ink and pigments on rice paper and took over 11 hours to finish. Each piece in the series depicts a peony with a different personality. The Purple Peony is dancing and celebrating life - full of vitality.

The print is produced on demand in England. To ensure that all the colours and details are perfectly reproduced, giclée print technique was used by The Peony Girl's long-trusted partner On the Edge Framing. Every individual print is personally inspected by The Peony Girl to make sure that the details of the original painting are flawlessly preserved. Once satisfied, it is authenticated with the seals of The Peony Girl and Siyuan Ren.

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