The Artist Magazine front cover, May 2022

This article by Lisa Timmerman appears in The Artist Magazine - May 2022 edition -
On sale from 18 March 2022

Capture a taste of summer in acrylics with Lisa Timmerman

"The challenge is to capture the sunlight while maintaining the form but to keep it painterly &
expressive so that it is a fresh contemporary looking painting," says Lisa. "Some may think it is too time consuming to paint the background first red and then blue but I have found the red ground to be useful for making the stems a strong part of the composition and to give a liveliness of red marks throughout the painting. I have in the past painted the roses on a deep cadmium red ground and decided not to paint the blue sky on top as I loved it as it was. But the blue of that sky is still my favourite and well worth the effort. . . "

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