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My practice has developed from a background in textiles and embroidery. My abstract, textural pieces are inspired by a fascination with pattern, and often draw from nature. Particular inspiration is taken from macro and microscopic imagery and a closer look at stone walls, tree bark, lichen and moss. Key themes run throughout my making process including repetition, transition and changing surfaces. Finished pieces are highly tactile; reliefs draw the viewer in to view from different angles and it can be difficult to resist running a finger across the intricate surfaces. The work often has a sense of movement, whether this is through physical manipulation of sculptural pieces or simply the way a surface changes across a two-dimensional piece.

My current body of work uses a variety of paper qualities for both sculptural and relief outcomes. The weight and texture of the chosen material informs construction methods and pattern as well as the overall feel of a piece. Subtle variations are achieved by hand dying, painting, printing or hand drawing and carefully selecting and composing the ‘units’ to construct a form or surface. Careful selection of elements and construction using hand and machine stitch are approached methodically to create gentle transitions and undulating forms.

instagram   @ amybonsorart