Art House - Extraordinary art in ordinary houses

Art House Leicester 2021 brings you a virtual exhibition this year. It is planned that this website will evolve over the following months so please keep popping back to see what's new. 

11a Toller Road -

Lucy Stevens

LSA Member Lucy Stevens

Clare Speller

LSA Member Clare Speller

Lucy Stevens, Clare Speller, Traci Howard, Monica Christostomou, Christine Mannion

49 Springfield Road

Peter Rapp

LSA Member Peter Rapp

Bridgette Thomas, Austin Orwin, Emma Bee, Amy Bonsar, Carolyn Kay, Peter Rapp

73 Holmfield Road - Katarzyna Klein, Dorota Smigielska, Nigel Smith, Patricia Ngok, Samantha Robinson, Kim Goddard

6 Stoneygate Avenue

George Sfougaras

LSA Member George Sfougaras

George Sfougaras, Christine Pearson, Philip Woolley, Sally Vincent, Barbara Bagley

24 Portland Road

Deborah Ward

LSA Member Deborah Ward

Hannah Smith, Charlotte Linder, Mika Mihell, Katerina Christou, Deborah Ward

46 Holmdale Road

Joy Norman

LSA Member Joy Norman

Maria Boyd

LSA Member Maria Boyd

Georgina White, Kate Moore, Alison Kolic, Joy Norman, Maria Boyd

79 Homdale Road

Loz Atkinson

LSA Member Loz Atkinson

Marie Allen, Jennie McCall, Lucia Chaplin, Alison Folland, Jodie Hatcher, Loz Atkinson