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I see myself as an artist who illustrates; the need to translate words into images is the primary motivation that fuels my work. I originally studied Fine Art and was always drawn to creating narratives within my image. For many years I have sought inspiration from folklore and magical tales, but recently my work has become more preoccupied with seeing and revealing the magic within the everyday and the 21st century. It is still there if we seek it out.

I was always fascinated by the world of children’s stories and the combination of words and pictures, so decided to study an MA in Children’s illustration at Cambridge School of Art. There, I was fortunate enough to discover the many different ways in which children’s illustration can be employed – from creating characters to illustrating picture and board books, to illustrating books for older children and young adults.

I work using different techniques and mediums, choosing the most appropriate for the brief, from watercolours and tempera paints to collage and screen printing. My favourite technique by far is collagraphs, which employs collage and cutting to build up intricate plates from which I then take prints. My plates often become sought after artefacts in their own right, as they build up a rich patina and life of their own.

I am always seeking out new and exciting projects, and am particularly interested in exhibition opportunities, commissions and collaborations with writers. For a fuller portfolio please visit my website. Please come and say hello to me on Facebook and Instagram where you will find my most recent and up to date news. 

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