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Thai interns with artist Jacqui Gallon

This summer I  coordinated an international arts internship programme with the support of  Fearon Hall Community Association, Loughborough who generously acted as host organisation. Five Taiwanese arts graduates took place in the five week programme which comprised several exploratory workshops and site response experiences  led by local artists.

This Summer 2022 project is part of an exciting ongoing exchange programme between the UK and National Cheng Kung University, Tainan. It is to extend through 2023 and 2024 (and hopefully beyond). I will be visiting Taiwan in March next year with artists James Chantry, Miffy Ryan and Natalie Chabaud to take part in a residency and exhibition at Siao Long Cultural Park, a beautiful site just south of Tainan City.

in July, 2022, we welcomed five Taiwanese art interns to Fearon Hall Community Centre, Stacy, Peggy, Haruna, Annie and Huai-Jhen. They were accompanied for the first few weeks by their professor, Ming Turner. Whilst here the students would observe, for a period of five weeks, daily life in a community centre setting and would participate in a programme of artist-led workshops, giving them a flavour of the type of community art activities and projects delivered at Fearon Hall.

More information coming soon . . .